I Survived a Week in NYC

I survived one week in NYC.

Things that I have found cool so far:

  • “The Uncommons” – a coffee shop right by where I live where people play Magic The Gathering and other card/board games.
  • I met people from Japan as well as Paris. Meeting internationals is easy.
  • Unlimited food options.
  • People have good fashion sense which is fun to watch.
  • Endless niche stores, including a japanese game store which sells every system under the sun.
  • The public library at Bryant Park has a vintage, old world, scholarly vibe which is new to me.
  • Manhattan has everything. Russian bath house?┬áNo problem.
  • I live right next to IFC Center, which has an endless stream of indie films playing.
  • Jaywalking. Everywhere. And the pedestrians own the streets.
  • My room gets really dark because the sun is shaded by buildings
  • Lots of cool old signage, buildings and grunge/decay porn.
  • I went to a satsang, chanting┬ásanskrit on the 17th floor of a business building.

Things I have found hard to deal with:

  • Cant see the sun even when its a nice day because the buildings are too tall.
  • Tons of noise at night when trying to sleep, and especially in the morning around 7 AM.
  • I miss the beach and sunlight.

The photo that leads this article was taken on 42nd street in Midtown. I have never seen a fallout shelter sign before.

I feel inspired by the city to look at art, be creative, and to be my own person. I feel as if I can be whoever I want to be amongst all the possibilities here. The suburbs, in contrast, cater to the lowest common denominator of humanity.