AIP Day 16, Saturday, In shadow of mount hood

Woke up and recorded this:

I just like making little diddies in 1 take on garage band

I think my depression is going away because I seem to enjoy doing things I used to do – programming, playing guitar… reading. I still have no interest in being social. Shrug.

I’ve been thinking a LOT about moving out west. For one thing, I absolutely can’t stand hot summers. I love cool weather, darkness, and rain. As much as I care about my family and friends in Florida, I don’t see a future here. There is not much tech industry, there’s no bicycle-friendly streets, it’s just suburban sprawl.

I used to think maybe I could live in Orlando and surf. And that’s my #1 option if I stayed in Florida, but it feels like death. I think I’ll take tree cover, mountains, and the pacific ocean over that.

Only thing that bums me out is, I’m not a huge fan of big cities. Boulder Co was perfect size for me. I’ve looked into Bend, but I am not willing to live on the “other side” of the mountain range where there isn’t so much precipitation. So that leaves me to explore the willamette valley, portland, seattle and Tacoma. Tacoma looks the most promising because it’s not as expensive as seattle, you can still commute to seattle in a pinch, and it has a climbing gym and art house theater as well as multiple museums and a UW campus.

So its a small little city where I can actually buy a house, and it’s in the PNW. Most likely in 10-15 years it will start growing, if Seattle becomes the next SF it could be the next Oakland. Maybe.

Anyway, that shit’s been wearing on me. Where to live? Do I buy real estate? blah blah.


Climbed at the gym today. Realized it’s 3 PM and I only had 50 mg of caffeine. I could take a 25mg to finish the day and feel fantastic. Im going to take like 10mg and I’m sure that’ll be great.

I definitely have a mental attachment to caffeine. Even at the 50/75mg level I’m fiending for that one HIT.

I have an addictive personality. I love modifying my body. I suppose this is fine as long as I find healthy ways of doing it rather than using drugs/alcohol/bad food/coffee.



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