Autoimmune Protocol | Day 10 / Sunday

Eat more food. Hold on to your butt.

This is the solution I’ve settled on for my tiredness in the middle of the day. From my readings, it can take up to THREE weeks to adjust. And there is a story of a guy who gave up caffeine and it took him TWELVE weeks to adjust.

I’ve gone full AIP from a pretty nutritious american diet, and I’ve gone down from 400+ mg caffeine per day to ~100mg caffeine per day, over the last 10 days.

So I will excuse myself if I don’t feel full of energy. Gotta think of the big picture.

My yoga practice is progressing very slowly. I am feeling very achy and not very flexible. Usually I am more flexible. It’s weird. My meditation practice is similarly bumpy. First thing upon waking up, my body and mind are just not in the mood to do anything.

I do miss Central Park, and hiking through it for 4 hours… climbing boulders. I felt so at peace there. So I went to the climbing gym yesterday. I kind of didn’t enjoy it, because there is a certain natural beauty to climbing a real boulder which is just lost to indoor climbing. I hurt my fingers doing holds that were too small for me (since I’m out of practice), and it feels like I’m really straining my body when I climb indoors. Meanwhile, when I climb out of doors, I don’t really think about grades and I can play all day on V0’s and have fun.

One of the biggest problems of Tampa and Florida in general is that there’s not much to hike. There are some trails, but it’s flat, hot, and there are no boulders. 😦

A friend invited me to his wedding in Vegas in July, so I think I will drive from Florida to Vegas to see him, and then go from vegas to LA to meet up with my best friend. Then, I want to drive up the coast to Seattle, where I will stay in a temporary AirBnB, hang out at the coworking spaces, and see if I want to get a place there. I will be passing through portland too, so we’ll see if I somehow fall in love with Portland.

I’ve been to Seattle before, but not Portland. Although the Decemberists hail from portland and they’re one of my favorite bands, Fleet Foxes, built to spill, and the microphones are all washington bands. Well, built to spill is from Boise…

I will also check out Tacoma, Vancouver WA and Bellingham as potential low cost of living towns to spend some time. It all depends, because I do want to get a job at some point.

Just to catch everyone up, I’m currently a software freelancer. So I’m more inclined to live in low cost of living areas compared to expensive metro areas. But I miss the camaraderie of working on a big team. The last company I worked for was like family to me. So I’m really thinking I might be able to just settle down in a nice place, join a company, and integrate into society again (rather than being this weird guy who just writes blog posts about his diet every day.)

For breakfast i’m eating a gigantic salad with avocado and some left over ground meat sprinkled on top and olive oil sprinkled on top of that.

I took my blood pressure yesterday. This was directly after working out. Now I definitely have white coat high blood pressure (where you get freaked out when you have it measured.) According to the machine my pulse was very high (over 100) (due to being mid panic attack.) And the reading was 138/84.

That reading may sound bad to you, but keep in mind I was acutely stressed. I usually have numbers above 140 systolic and 90+ diastolic. So it seems that my BP might be trending in the right direction. I will keep taking measurements a couple times in a week. Goal is 120 systolic. I CAN DO IT!

Stomach-wise, let’s just say a lot of the acute stomach issues I’ve been plagued with appear to be lessening.

The only real gripe I have right now is anxiety/depression/low energy, which is normal but I usually self-medicate with caffeine to make that stuff go away. Once again, I’m just eating a TON more food than I think I need in order to really fuel my body, because this diet is very easy to not get enough calories.

Now it’s noon, and I have to say I looked up some chi gong on youtube and did two new exercises, “push hands toward the sky” and “draw the bow”, holy crap. I’ve never felt so weak before. But I also feel quite energized from it, so I will continue.

I once bought “the idiots guide to tai chi and chi gong” and it really turned me onto the stuff. I’ve always done yoga as my “healing art”, but I think the pendulum may switch to tai chi / chi gong. I find them more fascinating and more energizing than yoga.

1:30 PM, getting more creative with how to raise my mid-day energy. For the past couple of days I brought out my djembe and I’ve been jamming to music really loud in the living room. Today I’m jamming to tycho, and its bringing up those mid-day vibes.

Funny how even though I can’t focus on work, I can focus on euphoric activities like drumming. I’m just going to focus on those.


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